[chirp_users] OT Request for detailed description of TYT TH 9800

Amnon Zohar amnon.zohar at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 02:32:18 PST 2018

check miklor.com

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> Hi,
> I suppose anyone here could do this, but I think another Blind HAM would
> be more enthusiastic regarding my request.
> The manuals for technology typically do not describe the buttons and
> plugs, and even though I have watched some YouTube videos on it, there too,
> they rely on the viewer seeing the controls while they use them.
> I'm hoping someone here with this radio can either type out the controls
> and a description of its location on the radio, or even do a podcast on
> this radio, because I'll be getting one from Santa.
> Thanks.
> Glenn
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