[chirp_users] MTC uv-5r-3 Self-inflicted problem

Bruce McJones brucemcjones at me.com
Tue Aug 7 12:15:18 PDT 2018

I just got a Baofeng UV5R-3 from MTCRadio. I didn't realize that the 
radio could be found under MTC for the brand, but in the meantime I 
found that I could upload from it in regular UV5R mode. I ended up 
downloading an image to it from a regular UV5R. Then I discovered that 
Chirp had it covered already under MTC. I have tried resetting it and 
uploading from it, but i can't get it to work. Does anyone have a 
known-good image that I could attempt to load onto the phone and make it 
happy again? Or any other advice? My son also bought one and hasn't 
tried programming his yet. I have warned him of my folly and asked him 
to save me a blank image file from his when he gets around to it.


Bruce W8BPM

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