[chirp_users] Tri Band Radio

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 08:30:55 PDT 2018

> I bought the BaoFeng UV-5x3  to get access to 220 mHz as I do not have a
> radio on that band

It is a BTech UV-5X3. It is not manufactured by Baofeng. That is why
you won't find the UV-5X3 listed under the drop-down Vendor list for
Baofeng. The Vendor BTECH must be selected to find the UV-5X3.

> comes to mind is it is a wee bit slow in the RX<>TX transitions, but you
> learn to live with it.

Have you set menu 35 (STE) and menu 36 (RP-STE) to OFF? In CHIRP it would be...

Settings -> Basic Settings -> Squelch Tail Eliminate (HT to HT):
{untick this setting}
Settings -> Basic Settings -> Squelch Tail Eliminate (repeater):
{change this setting to Off)


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