[chirp_users] Tri Band Radio

IT1 Stuart Blake Tener, USNR stuart.tener at bh90210.net
Fri Aug 3 17:09:49 PDT 2018

Dan, et alia:

I am interested in getting an inexpensive HT that is Tri-Band and  
decent. Now, if anyone is a technical purist about specifications I  
already realize that any of the sub-$100 HTs are not going to come  
close to the ICOM 52A or something like that. I am considering to get  
an HT that is inexpensive and not something I will cry over if I drop  
it or it gets lost/stolen, whatever. However, with the forgoing in  
mind, I want to try to pick the best one that I can, so I am curious  
about everyone's ideas. Moreover, I surely want something that is  
compatible with Chirp and to get or make the right kind of cable for it.

The one radio I looked at so far was the BaoFeng UV-5x3 (I own no 220  
radios, so it'd be fun to have that capability too). I am driving  
cross country soon and don't have any radios to take with me (they are  
all in the east coast). Once I get there I will have some ICOM radios  
(ICOM 5100A and an ID-1 installed).

Again, I am not out to start a "religious war", just get some opinions  
from people about (obviously) programmability (keypad and via  
computer) as well as day to day function and experiences.

I appreciate in advance everyone's comments.


Stuart, N3GWG

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