[chirp_users] VXA-700 clone mode

Arthur Fabre
Wed Apr 25 11:26:02 PDT 2018

I'm trying to program my Vertex VXA-700 with Chirp (daily-20180412, Ubuntu 16.04), but I've only been able to enter "PC CLONE" by: 

* Turning radio on with PTT held down 
* Radio sends 0x50 
* Replying with 0x20 

This brings up the "PC CLONE" menu. 

* Sending 0x70 enters "SEND" mode without pressing PTT again 
* I suspect there's a similar way of entering "LOAD" without having to press MON, but I haven't figured it out yet 

Is there an easier way (ie keypress only) of brining up the clone menu? If not, I'll submit a patch to add this handling in. 
Perhaps it's firmware dependent, my radio is on 105, but some of the files bundled with CE56 (the official Vertex / Yaesu programming software) have a firmware of 106 (can be checked by turning radio on with MON held down, and pressing MON twice). 


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