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Charles Whittington
Sat Apr 14 11:17:27 PDT 2018


I haven't gotten into that part of programming to fully consider that
issue, however it does seem reasonable.  My programming cable for the
Baofeng UV-5R
arrived in the mail today.  Included in the packed was a small disk.  Is
this a driver that needs to be loaded before I attempt any programming
action or is
CHIRP OK for the UV-5R as is?

Thanks much for you guidance and assistance . . .

Charlie Whittington.

Over the years I have also been: KN4CEH, WA5ZWX, and WB4TEO , , . and am
now back to K4CEH.  A guy in TN had the call for a time after I failed the
written (twice).  He is a Silent Key now and I got the call back under the
`Vanity' licensing provisions of the FCC's regs.  The wife is KD6NTV -- a
Class call sign from California.  She took one of those Gordon West
"weekend cram courses" and did quite well on the `Tech' written.  She has
not been on
the air very much over the years -- says ham radio is mostly for guys.
And, after listening to the "morning and evening commute chatter on the 440
I can't help but agree with her.

We almost bought a home in Washington some years back -- that had a nice
THomas organ in one room.  Don't recall the Model # but it had two manuals
a full AGO pedalboard -- and a fairly respectable assortment of stops.
However, after trying a few chords on it, I realized it would need quite of
bit of work.  However,
it most certainly was a nice organ -- and was a "freebie" with the house.
If we had bought the place I'm sure I would have gotten the help of a good
music teacher
and might have learned to play the thing.

On Sat, Apr 14, 2018 at 1:36 PM, Dennis Wage <dwage at dwage.com> wrote:

> Just so I am completely clears on this, cToneFreq and rToneFreq headers in
> the csv export file is transmit and receive tones respectively?
> If that is correct what does the 'c' stand for?
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