[chirp_users] Puxing PX-2R reading/writing errors.

Dave B
Mon Apr 9 13:04:56 PDT 2018


Using Chirp Daily 20180331 on Linux Mint 18.2 (32bit.)  I have been
using it successfully with other rigs just fine.

I was recently given a PX-2R UHF handie, by someone who couldn't make it
work.  Well, nothing wrong with the rig, it works well enough as a
(small) pocket hand-held UHF radio, once I'd read the manual and setup a
few things from the front panel via the keypad...

I noticed it is "in the list" of supported rigs by Chirp (are there any
other rig identities I could try) so acquired an interface lead,
verified that works OK, and "had a play."


1) Chirp has trouble reading the memory contents, usually graying out
the entire row, and placing "ERROR" in the "Name" cell's, and a
frequency of 0.0000000 in all the frequency cell's.   For any "channel"
that is occupied.   For known empty channels, it has a "Name" of 'k' and
a frequency of 1666.665000, and other odd things.

It goes through the "Cloning from radio" download process apparently
fine, the above only appearing after it's done that.

No change if I power up the rig in VFO or "Channel" (memory only) mode.

2) If I manually create an channel entry in Chirp, even a simple simplex
channel (433.500 no tone or DTCS settings etc.) the frequency is
programmed in OK, but the memory channel is "locked".  I can't do
anything with it, not edit or overwrite manually.   So far, the only way
out of that, is to perform a "Full" reset of the radio, loosing any
manually entered channels in the process.   I've tried that after
"reading" the radio, and from importing some channels from another radio
backup, and "cherry picking" known compatible settings.

Likewise, it goes through the "Cloning to radio" upload process
seemingly without errors, and the radio restarts, as if it's just been
turned on.

So.  Who can help?  I'm willing to try "bleading edge" trial versions,
and run any debug/data collection tests as needed.  Just tell me how.  I
have some Python skill's, but I'm not up to diving into the Chirp
codebase just yet, at least not without guidance!

As earlier, the programming lead itself checks out fine.  No problems
with Chirp using that.

Regards to All.



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