[chirp_users] UV5r Names vs. freq

Jim Pruitt jpruitt67 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 13:03:03 PDT 2017

Just be aware that field is limited in size.  I can't remember what the 
limit is but is 8 characters or less, if I remember right.  Chirp or the 
csv allow the name to be longer but anything over the limit (8?) is 
truncated in the display on the radio.

Good luck.
Jim Pruitt

On 9/26/2017 12:54 PM, P² P² via chirp_users wrote:
> Got to the UV5 “Menu” and use arrow to go to menu 22 “MDF-B.”  Hit the 
> “menu” button again and arrow to “NAME.”  Hit mane to confirm and 
> “EXIT.”  Now you have FREQuency display on “A” with a name of its 
> channel on.  Just did it on mine…kind of nice.  Just remember whatever 
> is displayed on A channel is probably different than what is selected 
> on B.  (Unless same channels are selected.)

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