[chirp_users] Baofeng uv-5r doesn't upload channel names

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 07:43:20 PDT 2017

On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 9:41 AM, kc2ote <kc2ote at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've tried setting it using the keypad as well as changing it in CHIRP. Does
> it need to be the same in both (radio and software) before I start?

No. But how it is set in CHIRP is how it will be in the radio after a
successful upload.

> Also, if it's uploading the names, why do the names not come back into CHIRP
> on a subsequent download from the radio?

It is apparently not updating. Make a fresh download from your radio.
Attach both it and the file you are attempting to upload or email them
directly to me.

> One more question, I have the 97 firmware on the radio so would it possibly
> not load / display any names if some are 7 characters? CHIRP supports 7 but
> as I understand it the newer firmware only allows 6.

What do you mean by "97" firmware. Do you mean BFB297 firmware? It
isn't a good idea to abbreviate when asking for help. What you are
asking for and what others think you are asking for many not be the

One thing is for sure, unless your radio is something like 4 years
old, it does not have BFB297 firmware. Ever since the release of
BFB299 firmware back in 2013 or so, all UV05R variants display BFB297
in the [3] key + power on message making this message useless for
determining the firmware version.

If the radio only supported 6 characters it would show 6 of the 7 characters.

> Thanks.


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