[chirp_users] Cannot connect UV-5RA with Mac

Walter Scrivens walts at gate.net
Wed Sep 20 11:08:05 PDT 2017

Total N00B here - well not really, I was WA2HEP back in the 1960’s.  Everything has changed!

My son gave me a Boafeng UV5-RA transceiver and I’m trying to connect it with chirp using the Baofeng USB cable that came with the radio. I’ve installed several driver files recommended on different forums, the latest being the one recommended by Baofeng, the Prolific Technology driver.  Here is an excerpt from the Mac System Report:
USB-Serial Controller:

  Product ID:	0x2303
  Vendor ID:	0x067b  (Prolific Technology, Inc.)
  Version:	3.00
  Speed:	Up to 12 Mb/sec
  Manufacturer:	Prolific Technology Inc.
  Location ID:	0x14200000 / 9
  Current Available (mA):	500
  Current Required (mA):	100
  Extra Operating Current (mA):	0

chirp does not recognize this driver, in fact it only sees the Bluetooth driver.  I do a lot of work with Arduino, and I know the USB ports work properly. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling chirp, but no joy, it just isn’t seeing the USB port.  I’m using chirp-daily-20170714.app which seems to be the newest version on the website.  I’m running OS X 11.3 (High Sierra).

Any help would be welcome.

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