[chirp_users] programming issues

Glenn Wise ruerue at windstream.net
Tue Sep 19 20:04:30 PDT 2017





I am using Chirp and a TYT USB cable to program a TYT-9000D 2 meter ham

Software and USB cable work without any issues.


I have tried MULTIPLE times to use same version of CHIRP and same USB cable
to program a QTY-7900D and a QTY-8900D.

I have NOT ever been able to read the QYT radio's.  Neither model.

The software will appear to start to read the radio and then drop out.

Screen shows either comm. Error or says radio would not go into clone mode.


By the software and cable working on the TYT-9000D, in my mind that clears
the software and cable.

IF there were any issues with the software or the cable, I don't believe I
could use the combo on the TYT-9000D.

I am open to any suggestions as what to do. HELP


Glenn Wb4zjb


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