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What a load of utter rubbish - get a life

Roger G8XAN

On 4 September 2017 at 18:25, stuff <stuff at slickriver.net> wrote:

> Many people would rather the government take care of them.  One of the
> main attractions of HAM is that in an emergency, you can take care of
> yourself, your loved ones, or better yet, help out others ( a foreign
> concept for some outside the United States, and to most millenials, who
> would rather more government aid, intervention and rations.)
> Presently, it is quite easy for someone to broadcast stations via voip.
> In turn, downloading broadcastify or a number of other apps allows you to
> listen to rf coms world wide and makes the idea of HAM seem irrelevant. but
> when the cell towers go down, or a world wide DNS attack happens, or any of
> the millions of other scenarios that could possibly "bring down the net",
> HAM is still a viable alternative, especially in remote areas or during
> emergencies, especially using simplex.  I visited Yosemite National Park
> several months ago, and once you leave the valley near the hotel and
> cabins, your phone becomes a paperweight. Listening to the conversations of
> nearby youths, the idea that mobile service not existing there seemed
> beyond the realm of possibility. Likewise, during an emergency, cell
> service may be limited, either from the emergency, or through carrier
> rationing, and communication during such events can make a big difference.
> You might have tried out HAM to see what it is all about, and found that
> for you it is pointless.. For better or worse, the removal of morse code
> has allowed many people to try the hobby with nearly no effort at all to
> become licensed other than downloading an app and memorizing the answers.
> In any case, to use and familiarize yourself with CHIRP will enable you to
> program numerous radio devices with linux.
> With all that being said, a smart phone might work better for you.  But
> CHIRP won't work with a smart phone.
> On Mon, 2017-09-04 at 10:10 +0100, stuart wrote:
> you would be better off with a cell phone
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> Hello Chirp, I recently attempted to install the driver for OS X. It
> installed correctly to the best of my knowledge. I then installed Python
> Runtime, then Chirp. I can launch Chirp, but when I try to download an
> image, I receive an error report. I speculate that it is due to the cable
> driver. The error reads: Radio did not respond. Do you have any
> suggestions? The installation was on an iMac. Your assistance would be
> appreciated! Sincerely,
> Mark Miller KE0MQQ
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