[chirp_users] Submitting new requests

John La Johnla at usa.net
Sat Sep 2 16:01:40 PDT 2017

If interested in having a radio model included in CHIRP, 
a radio needs to be provided to a developer interested in working on the project.

The official CHIRP website is: 


Here's the procedure for requesting a new radio...

If you would like to open a request, you would need to 

- Go to the CHIRP website. (link above)

- Register to the website (upper right corner)

- Select the Issues Tab and verify that the request for the new radio hasn't already been submitted.

- If it's not found, select the New Issue tab and submit your request. 

- Check back periodically to review the status of your request.

In most cases, a loaner radio is required so it can be backward engineered.




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