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Hi Scott


On Fri, Oct 27, 2017 at 4:07 PM, SCOTT PETERSON <
<mailto:SPETE2 at verizon.net> SPETE2 at verizon.net> wrote:

> I downloaded CHIRP from the Web Site to WD 10 and after the down load 

> was completed there was no sign of a CHIRP shortcut on my desk top.


Of course not. Assuming you downloaded the recommended version for Windows,
you have to go to the folder that you downloaded it to and double-click the
downloaded file to install it.



> Went to C: (x86) CHIRP and found shortcut. I dragged the shortcut to 

> Desktop. I clicked on the CHIRP ICON and Chirp loaded.


> I then installed the Baofeng USB Programming Cable for Baofeng Two way 

> Radio UV-5R, BF-888S,BF-F8+ With Driver CD to my BF-F8HP Radio.


Sounds like you purchased one of the low cost programming cables
manufactured with a counterfeit Prolific chip.



> I attempted to install the Driver CD and found it corrupted.


It is generally recommended you ignore the CD that comes with one of these
programming cables.



> I thought that my windows 10 had the most up to date USB Driver and I 

> would not need the one that came with the Programing Cable. I may have 

> been wrong and do need a special Driver.


Window 10 will download and install the latest driver supplied to them by
the Prolific company. The latest driver is intentionally incompatible with
counterfeit Prolific chips. You will most likely have to download, install
and select the older Prolific v3.2.0.0 driver that was available before the
Prolific company decided to combat piracy of their chip.



> I than plugged the programing Cable in to the USB Port and then the 

> Radio, turned the Radio on, started CHIRP, clicked the Radio Menu, 

> input vendor info, started download.


> Message:


> Due to the fact that the manufacturer continues to release new 

> versions of the firmware with obscure and hard-to-track changes, this 

> driver may not work with your device. Thus far and to the best 

> knowledge of the author, no UV-5R radios have been harmed by using 

> CHIRP. However, proceed at your own risk!


This is just a standard warning that you get when programming a Baofeng
UV-5R or similar radio. Tick the box so that you will not see it in the


> Typed USB in port assignment  box and tried again with the following 

> results.


USB is not a valid port. These radios are programmed by way of a serial (aka
COM) port. Modern computers do not have a COM port. The chip in the
programming cable in conjunction with the device driver create a virtual COM
port. When a compatible device driver is installed, the programming cable
will be assigned a COM port number from COM1 to COM256. If the programming
cable is plugged in and a compatible device drive is installed before CHIRP
is launched, the available COM port(s) should be listed in the dropdown list
for you to choose from.



> Do I need a special USB Driver?


You may need a compatible driver if your programming cable has the
counterfeit Prolific mentioned above. Check the miklor.com website. It has a
page that shows you how to find out which chip is in your programming cable
(Prolific, FTDI, etc) and how to do downgrade the driver if you have the
counterfeit Prolific chip (nearly all Prolific type chips in programming
cables are counterfeit).




>This is what I found using Device Manager


> Can anyone help me with this problem?


Yes. Pitch the CD. Determine which chip is in your programming cable.

If it is a Prolific type chip, download, install and select the older,
compatible driver. Use Device Manager to determine which COM port was
assigned to the programming cable. Select that COM port when downloading
from the radio. Save the first successful download from the radio, unedited,
to a native CHIRP Radio Images (*.img) file to be kept unchanged as a





> Thanks in advance,




> Scott



Good luck,



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