[chirp_users] Connecting to my FT2DR

Dave B
Mon Oct 16 01:11:40 PDT 2017

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>> Running Linux Mint 18.2
>> Loaded newest release version of Chirp-daily (CHIRP daily-20171013)
>> When I try to download from radio, this error message is displayed before I
>> can press send on the radio
>> X An error has occurred
>> Could not configure port: (5, 'input/output error')
>> Attached png is screengrab
>> I did some further digging and tried the first 10 "ttyS*" with the same
>> results.
>> lsusb command provides bus and device numbers but not which ttyS* is in use.
>> Any Help?
> I also run Linux Mint here. If you are using a USB based programming
> cable you must scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list and
> choose: /dev/ttyUSB0
> Jim

Also make sure you are a member of the 'dialout' group (that is not the
default case, sadly) else no serial port's (of whatever type) will be
available to you.

Open a terminal window, (and make it wide so lines don't wrap, making it
much easier to see what's going on.)


dave-XPS-L502X ~ $ *groups*
dave adm /dialout/ cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare wireshark

(Everything BEFORE and including the '$' is the system prompt on the
first line.  Your machine will be different.
The command 'groups' was the entered command.   The line under that is
the system response)

If 'dialout' does not appear in that list.   Then do this...
(Substitute <name> for /your/ login username,  sudo will ask for your
login password.)

dave-XPS-L502X ~ $ *sudo adduser <name> dialout*

You'll see a reply saying if you've been added to the dialout group, or
are already a member.

/*If */you were just added to that group, then, log out and log back in
again (no need to reboot) and you'll now have access to the serial ports.

An easy way to find out what port something is assigned to, is (again,
in a terminal window)

dave-XPS-L502X ~ $ *ls /dev/ttyU**

This will list all attached and configured USB based serial ports.

If you have multiple USB serial devices, then do that before and after
connecting a new device, to find out what "device ID" the new device is
assigned to.

Hope something here helps.


Dave B

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