[chirp_users] BAOFENG UV5R - Imaging

Tom Consodine ND5Y
Wed Nov 22 09:33:50 PST 2017

I haven't seen anybody post anything about Baofeng, or clone company, 
production procedures so I don't know if they calibrate every single 
radio. I think probably not because that would increase the cost but I 
could be wrong.

Calibration settings could be determined in a prototype "golden unit" 
and then the exact same settings could be programmed into the 
one-time-programmable firmware memory in each production unit.

The UV-5R/UV-82 series have only two trimmers on the board, reference 
oscillator frequency and power level. I bet that is they only things 
they set on the production line.

I have never hear of anybody having one with a working S-meter so I 
don't think that is calibrated at all.

Tom ND5Y

> Don't know about these radios but many have oscillator frequencies, RF and IF gain, oscillator injection levels, s-meter calibration and much more saved in software at calibration time so no two radio's images are alike.

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