[chirp_users] bulk changes

Jim Unroe
Tue Nov 21 04:10:58 PST 2017

On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 11:33 PM, r kruz <rkruz at cox.net> wrote:
> Is there a way to change a value, in my case power level, for many memory
> locations without having to do one at a time?
> Thanks!

Yes. Say you want to edit memories 3 through 7, 9 and 20 so that they
will TX the 123.0 Hz CTCSS tone and the power level will be LOW. Here
is how you would go about it.

The first order of business is to download from your radio and save
the new tab to a CHIRP Radio Images (*.img) file. Then no matter what
happens, you can load this saved image back into your radio and start
over. ;-)

Now let's get started by selecting the memory rows to be edited.

1. click memory row 3 (row 3 will be highlighted)
2. shift-click memory row 9 (rows 3 through 9 will be highlighted)
3. ctrl-click memory row 8 (toggles the row 8 highlight off)
4. ctrl-click memory row 20 (toggles the row 20 highlight on)

Now that we have memories 3-7, 9 and 20 highlighted, it is time to
bring up the Memory Properties editor. There are 2 ways to do this.

5a. click the [Properties] button at the top of the spreadsheet style
memory editor

5b. right-click one of the highlighted rows and choose "Properties" in
the menu that appears

With the Memory Properties editor now open, it is time to change the 3
properties (2 for the CTCSS tone) that we want to change.

6. tick the box to the left of "Tone Mode" and change the setting to "Tone"
7. tick the box to the left of "Tone" and change the setting to "123.0"
8. tick the box to the left of "Power" and change the setting to "Low"

Once the changes have been completed, it is time to close the Memory
Properties editor.

9a. click the [OK] button close the editor and keep the changes
9b. click the [Cancel] button to close the editor and discard the changes

That's it. Don't forget that some radio models have "extra" settings
that can be accessed by clicking the "Other" tab in the Memory
Properties editor.


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