[chirp_users] Baofeng UV-5R Just transmits when connected to computer

Neil B
Mon Nov 13 23:52:37 PST 2017

using the t/o dont sound right to me but.....

this is with one of my leads....

when plugged into radio only, not pc, it goes into tx.

when plugged into radio and pc, but pc is off. its in tx.

wehn plugged into radio and pc and pc is running, it is in RX. ideal.

if pc is turned off, when the usb driver is unloaded during off procedure, it goes back into tx.

but i also think i saw mention of linux, so that may change things a bit. but the basics on my cable wouldnt change really even in linux. and issue is only with one lead. its at work so i can check chipset later.

the lead here that just works with no tx prob, is a prolific 3.2 on w7x64.

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Thanks to everyone who helped with the problem. The workaround using the timeout timer works for me.

Again, Thank you.

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