[chirp_users] Baofeng GT-5TP

Malcolm Larkin
Tue Nov 7 11:39:54 PST 2017

Hi all,
I have done a search regarding support for the Baofeng GT-5TP as I didn’t find it in the list when connecting to it.

I recently got a couple as I have had UV-5R’s and wanted new less beaten up handhelds.

CHIRP doesn’t like them when selecting other model numbers, the results range from just timing out/reporting wrong model/ reporting too much data.

The CHIRP Site says to use “UV-82HP”
It errors out with “Incorrect ‘Model’ selected”  (on version “daily-20171104”)

I have been able to use the extremely hokey application from Baofeng called “UV82 Series Program Software.( US2S35 VIP Version)”

The details of firmware I can find when turning on are:
(“3” when turning on) Ver N82301
(“5” when turning on) 160408N

Any suggestions/updates appreciated.

If there is any steps I can provide or give report access to my pc with the radio attached please let me know.

I don’t model making international calls either.

Malcolm Larkin

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