[chirp_users] Downloaded from UV-5x3 once, can't upload or download anymore

jsonnentag at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 5 16:08:12 PST 2017

Yes, I saved the original image and no it doesn't upload any better than the modified one originally attempted.
Since it doesn't even read everything in from the radio anymore it appears to be getting to something telling it it has reached the end of the data that isn't supposed to be there.  The CHIRP program gives an error because not as much data as expected is read in.  Trying to write anything locks things up and resets the radio after either about 1/2 uploading or 1/4 of the way uploading.  It doesn't stop at the same place consistently, but it is always one of those 2 places, not 3/4 and not 1/3.
Since Baofeng/BTECH tells people to use CHIRP they ought to know what to do you would think, . . . and it can't be the first time it has ever happened.
Something during the first attempt of uploading new settings changed a few of the things.  For example the sound (beeps and voice) were turned off like specified.  The "WELCOME" message disappeared, but the 2 names I entered in place of that didn't make it in.  The expansion of the VHF lower limit down to 130 MHz (from the default 136 MHz) didn't make it in.
A strange thing I did notice when manually entering channels on the radio itself was that after the attempted upload of new settings the VHF2 band didn't appear when cycling through the bands with the Band button.  However, after I entered in a frequency from within the band it does cycle through all 3 bands again.  Strange. . . .
I used the last Menu item to Rest ALL and the other reset in that same place as well.  That didn't change the ability to upload or download but put the voice and beep settings back to default.  Still no "WELCOME" message when it is turned on though.

One set of other things I did modify in the changed settings that was first uploaded (and failed/locked things up) was besides unchecking all of the DTMF Decode boxes I deleted all of the numeric codes so the boxes were entirely empty.  I don't know if that would change the length of the file and screw things up or not.  (???)   There was no error from CHIRP saying it couldn't be done.  Signal Code 1 was also deleted and completely empty too in the DTMF Encode settings.

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Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2017 01:49:52 +0000 (UTC)
From: "jsonnentag at yahoo.com" <jsonnentag at yahoo.com>
Subject: [chirp_users] Downloaded from UV-5x3 once,    can't upload of
    download anymore
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I connected everything and immediately (and easily) downloaded from the radio (BTECH UV-5X3) 1 time and then nothing else works. . . .? No complete uploads or downloads now.
I made some edits to settings of the initial download and tried uploading it back.? It stopped at about halfway . . . and like every time since then the screen flashed to all the LED icons activated (like when it is first turned on) and then nothing.? Just sits there.
Disconnected, restarted computer, connected and tried downloading and it doesn't even finish downloading now.? It gives an error about not the right amount of data were encountered and then exits.? A second attempt might say the same thing, but after enough attempts it locks things up.? No uploads (even of the original unmodified image file) finish.
I've tried volume settings from highest to very low.? All the same results and on an inactive frequency.
Anybody have any ideas?

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Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2017 22:05:54 -0400
From: John <jl_wilkerson at att.net>
Subject: Re: [chirp_users] Downloaded from UV-5x3 once, can't upload
    of download anymore
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Well, try uploading your factory image to the radio.? (You did save the
factory image before you started programming the radio, right?)? The
factory image will restore the factory defaults..... You might have done
something it didn't like or there might have had a bad bit gum up the
works during the transfer.. it happens.

If you didn't save out a factory image, the UV-5X3 Yahoo group has one
in its files section.


I Just did a download and upload from mine, so I know Chirp isn't broken.

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