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I have a Baofeng HT, probably made in same factory as the Profung.  A lot of issues with program cables for all these units.  I purchased mine from Baofeng, no "Chinese" knock off, and worked right out of the package.  My HT is great, easy to program, versatile, and fun.  Hope you enjoy yours.

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  As I was just getting restarted into Amateur Radio after 40 years, i decided to purchase a Baofeng UV-5 on Amazon. However, thinking I would be doing better by getting a newer model, I purchased a Pofung UV-6R. Nice little radio  for 2M/70cm. However, it had one of the worst manuals I have seen; no explanations of specific items in the menus nor explanations of adjustments.

  I ordered an adapter cable and downloaded Chirp figuring I could do most of my adjustments in memory via software. I used the forums and read everything I could about the Baofeng. The one thing I kept running across was that several people had to conncet and reconnect the cable to their computer to get Chirp to recognize the radio. Okay, that was something to remember.

  I received my OEM cable in the mail and tried to use it. My computer would not recognize the radio.  Was it Chirp or was it the cable? I did some research about the cable and learned that occasionally an error was made in manufacturing when soldering the usb modal. The receive and transmit wires were soldered backwards. 

  A fairly quick solution was to open the usb connector and properly resolder the wires. Eureka, its alive. Once I connected the cable back into my computer, Chirp recognized the radio and I was up and running.


  Moe K2JDM


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