[chirp_users] 3 Issues - BTech UV-50X2

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 09:59:12 PDT 2017

Hi Doc,

On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 9:05 AM, Doc Stevens <docstevens at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> This new rig is excellent but a few quirks remain.  I am using the latest
> build of CHIRP.
> CHIRP Settings Tab, Basic Settings, allows selection of Display Mode for A,
> B, C, & D.  Options are frequency, channel, or name.  This works once
> uploaded to radio.  However, when radio powered down and restarted the
> display defaults to what ever is in the first channel programmed in CHIRP
> (memory channel zero or one as shown in CHIRP).  Display A is always what
> CHIRP shows in Basic Settings tab but display B, C, & D are what is in the
> first channel programmed in CHIRP.  Is this a radio issue or CHIRP issue?
> If CHIRP, does anyone know the fix?

I don't follow what you are saying here 100%. I would suggest setting
the VFO/MR mode for A, B, C and D using the radio menus. All CHIRP
does is changes the memory bytes in the same way that the radio's
menus do. Then power off the radio and power it back on. If the result
is the same as you describe above, it is a hardware issue.

> Under Settings Tab, Work Mode Settings, menu item Display, you can select A,
> B, C, or D.  I have selected A.  If I choose another display does not seem
> to make a difference.  Any one know what this does?

This setting selects the display that is active after the upload has
finished. With TMR set to OFF and Display is set to C, the radio
should have the C display line selected (->) when the upload finishes.
I would expect that having TMR enabled would affect this (since the
selected display line will change as signals are received)..

> Under Settings Tab, Work Mode Settings, there are menu items VFO/MR mode, MR
> channel, & VFO frequency.  You can choose options for each.  Any one know
> what these options do?  How are they different from the Display options in
> Basic Settings tab? When I change these don't see a change on radio.

VFO/MR mode: set to display line to show the VFO or Channels

MR Channel: Which memory channel do you want selected in the display
line when the Display mode is set to MF

VFO Frequency: Which frequency do you want selected in the display
line when the Display mode is set to VFO

> I bet I'm missing something on each of these.  The learning curve on this
> rig is short but there are some odd things to decode.  My thanks to all.

I believe you are over thinking the Work Mode settings. They are only
to set the state of the radio once the upload finishes. They are not
any kind of defaults.

If you want the radio be any certain way when the upload finishes, set
the radio that way and then download from it. The Work Mode setting
should match. That is the way it should be when the same image is
uploaded back to the radio.

> 73


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