[chirp_users] New user advice please

pcooper at suremail.gg pcooper at suremail.gg
Wed Mar 22 10:48:44 PDT 2017

Hi Jim and the group,

I already tried reversing the TXD and RXD lines in the PCB, but when I plugged the cable into the radio, the PC immediately switched off, which makes me think that was wrong!

I have correctly chosen the right COM port (Com12 in my case), and I have almost completely removed the surrounding plastic from the radio end of the cable so that it is a better fit.

I have also buzzed out each line from plug to PCB, and all is good there.

I am happy with the soldering, as that is what I do for employment.

When i changed to the CP2102 board, then connected it to my PC, Windows found the drivers automatically - although it wasn't quick - and a red LED is lit on the CP2102 PCB.
However, when I open Chirp and try to download the radio, neither of the two led's associated with TXD and RXD lights up.

Although this is a UV-5R Plus, do I still use the UV-5R option, or should I be using the BF-F8HP as the model?

The Miklor site implies the latter, but reading the Chirp FAQ's implies that the UV-5R Plus is now grouped into the UV-5R models.

Oh well, plan B it is then - get 3 wires and one each of 3.5mm and 2.5mm stereo jacks!

73 de Phil GU0SUP

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