[chirp_users] CVS field content

Jeff wireless3.14159 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 14:10:02 PDT 2017

I have the K version, but looking at fields (like that DCS value of 023) with Kenwood's MCP-2A software it looks like those are just in the list of possible values you can select from the pulldown when programming individual channels.

On March 19, 2017 1:11:00 PM MDT, George S Leaf Sr <gleaf at bbtel.com> wrote:
>Kenwood TM-V71A(e)
>Read radio no issue.
>Export to csv no issue.
>Write csv back to Kenwood with Import no problem
>Notrepad edit of csv shows that there are several fileds with place 
>holder data not showing in the on screen data entry display.
>Appear to be default tone values in not used for the current option as 
>"tone" and such.
>Trying to  understand the actual visible V71A fields vs the .csv
>It appears that CHIRP places these default values such as DCS tone 023 
>value in unused columns as place holder
>and that data is not displayed in the V71A programming display.
>Can someone explain the csv the behavior in inserting these placeholder
>Many Thanks
>george K8MYN (ex KM4PAA)
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