[chirp_users] CVS field content

George S Leaf Sr gleaf at bbtel.com
Sun Mar 19 12:11:00 PDT 2017

Kenwood TM-V71A(e)
Read radio no issue.
Export to csv no issue.
Write csv back to Kenwood with Import no problem

Notrepad edit of csv shows that there are several fileds with place 
holder data not showing in the on screen data entry display.
Appear to be default tone values in not used for the current option as 
"tone" and such.

Trying to  understand the actual visible V71A fields vs the .csv content.
It appears that CHIRP places these default values such as DCS tone 023 
value in unused columns as place holder
and that data is not displayed in the V71A programming display.

Can someone explain the csv the behavior in inserting these placeholder 
Many Thanks
george K8MYN (ex KM4PAA)

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