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M Noivad noivad at mac.com
Thu Mar 16 02:48:58 PDT 2017

From: Tom Hayward <tom at tomh.us <mailto:tom at tomh.us>>

> Chirp has an established system for source code management (or file
> exchange, as you call it). It is called Mercurial, and for the
> discussed use case it works identically to Git.

I am aware & have use of Mercurial. But you misunderstand my suggestion for its use. I did not suggest GitHub be used for Chrip development, bug tracking, revision control, branching, merges, etc. I meant to use a section for github as a repository for user shared overlays.

> Chirp has an established templating and overlay system for band plans.
> This is nearly the same as what's being discussed, except it doesn't
> have a "transmit allowed" flag. If one were going to add this feature,
> that's where I would start.

You do not understand the suggestion: what I am talking about is the next level above a template. It is one that is ADDITIVE otherwise known as an TEMPLATE/OVERLAY, that would:
1) allow users to share sets between groups and easily add them to their csvs
1b) allowing users to chose when setting conflict with globals or translate codes sent
1c)in turn it would take some pressure of the solo dev to update the app for new radios*.

*It decouples the program from its variable configuration making updates faster & they could few pushed out via secure config update, etc.


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