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CARLA is a California Amateur Radio Linking Association. They have a series of 20-smthing linked repeaters throughout the SF Bay Area. If you transmit at a local frequency only the repeater you hit relays the message, if you use another frequency, it repeats your message throughout the CARLA relay system. Sorry, I should have specified this as an example of a set of different frequencies that would only be useful to Bay Area HAMs.

Github itself is shared repository that is much more suited for file exchange. Github doesn’t have any templates, but it will host any type of file. So, if your app could import and export sets (not complete files that only work on 1 radio as now) as files in whatever internal format you wish, having sets available as a file others could download from Github would allow for add security. But this wouldn’t be all on you.* As far as github, it can be used to share applications, documentation, bugs, etc. Github is free to use for open exchange and there is a paid tier for pro use. (Free should work fine though)

*Users could make a file of their channel sets & defaults ( I’m calling it a templates—though technically they’re more like an overlay since you can add them together ) and then post them to Github where other Hams can look at sets, such as the examples previously mentioned.

As far as the “infinite number” of possible combinations, that meant the community could take some of the burden off you simple by making sets for groups or regions, etc. and share them. That way if someone wants a repeater channel set with a + or - offset, they can define that for the whole set & tweak individual exceptions.

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