[chirp_users] Duplex "off" option

John Wilkerson jl_wilkerson at att.net
Fri Mar 10 14:30:06 PST 2017

The suggestions should be posted at the Chirp website, if you'd ever
want them considered.

On 3/10/2017 17:08, Drew Einhorn wrote:
> The point is to make it easier for licensed folks to avoid mistakes
> that violate the law, not to make it impossible for folks who intend
> to violate the law. 
> It's easy to accidentally press the TX button. I would prefer to
> easily configure the radio to limit the damages. Duplex off is nice.
> But, I'd prefer to set my country to US and license to Amateur
> Technician and automatically have Duplex set correctly for all
> frequencies outside the amateur bands.
> Crowdsourcing database tables is relatively straightforward with
> MediaWiki. There may be other wikis that are easier to use and do a
> good job crowdsourcing tables.

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