[chirp_users] PL tone 146.3 not available to use

Kyle Colyer
Thu Jun 29 21:28:43 PDT 2017


I have a baofeng hp 82 and I used the older software to program it and it
works great with our repeater. Then I got a btech 50 and downloaded the
chirp software to program it but I cannot get it to work right off our
repeater.  One of the problems is that the pl tone box only has a drop down
box and preset pl tones and ours is 146.3. I can't figure out how to put
that tone in the chirp program. I have tried to manually input it into the
radio itself and it won't work. I had this problem with the bf82 also
before I got the software and programmed it with the computer instead of
putting it into the radio. Can anyone help?
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