[chirp_users] KT-8900 "extra ID wrong" issue

Wm. A. Besore
Sat Jul 8 18:42:00 PDT 2017


I have spent over an hour trying to sign on and "open an issue".  I gave up.

Here is what is going on.  The "366766" is an internal passcode in the KT-8900 that was entered on initialization of the radio.

By holding down the F-Key and powering up at the same time, the ability to enter a passcode is presented in the radio's display.  When this screen first appears it shows six underscore lines.  I assume these are analogous to spaces.  But, I can't find any way to get the radio to accept six blank spaces in the passcode.  It insists that six digits be entered. Than and only then will it finish powering up, show memory channel frequencies on the display and go into normal RX/TX operation.

Also, I have tried to register with the CHIRP Forum by replying to the confirmation email.  However, when I try to sign in it says I am not valid and that I need to register again.  When I try to register again I am told that my signon and password are already in use.  Catch 22.  Thus, I have not been able to "open an issue".

CHIRP works great with my Baofeng UV-5R, but it just doesn't like the QYT KT-8900.

Thanks for your ongoing support,


Wm. A. BeSore - K0WB
wmabesore at aol.com

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