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Baofengs are not Part 95, most are not even Part 90 legal.  The Boafengs MUST be used with a license of some sort, Part 97 Amateur or Part 90 Public Safety or business use.

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Removable antennas are an frs thing. As long as they are part 95? type accepted and you are licensed, you are good.

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The Baeofeng radios are not legal for GMRS.

One reason is they have remove able antennas.

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I would like to use my Boafeng UV-5RA at work. We use the  frequency. I can receive transmissions but I cannot transmit. I imported the GMRS frequencies from the Import from stock config menu item in CHIRP, and did not make Any changes to them.  Any ideas on what setting I need to change? 

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