[chirp_users] BF 888S - side key function - Transmit Power

Trevor Holyoak trevor at holyoak.com
Wed Feb 8 14:17:27 PST 2017

The BF-888S radios only have something like 16 channels, so that 
technique may not be as useful.

On 2/8/2017 2:49 PM, r norris via chirp_users wrote:
> Since I never see myself using 128 or however many memories these radio have, if I want different power or tone settings,
> I just put the same frequency in multiple memories, with different settings.
> ch 6 - 146.52 high power
> ch 7 - 146.52 low power
> ch 8 - 146.52 high power - tone on.
> Keep the same sequence for each frequency.
> Lot easier to change channels than remembering menu buttons.
> Same with scanning. If there is a channel that’s important, put it in the list every six or eight slots.
> The priority function on my UV2501 makes a “click” in the speaker, every time it is checking the channel.

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