[chirp_users] A digitized audio link called Chirp

David Ranch chirp at trinnet.net
Mon Feb 6 09:10:22 PST 2017

Just a heads up but I just saw this on the Fldigi group.  No doubt, 
naming a product is difficult and an available name can be hard but 
these guys obviously didn't even try.  A Google search for "chip" yields 
four of the top ten listings.


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Subject: 	[linuxham] A digitized audio link called Chirp
Date: 	Sat, 4 Feb 2017 13:23:13 -0500
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Not to confuse anyone but in addition to the free
rig control app "Chirp" here now comes a digital
audio link by the same name.


This looks interesting and it triggered the wanna-be
Ham-MacGuyver in me.

What if you could set any rig into vox mode and via
mic & speaker hands-free QSO digi-mode from your

(Or CW via Smartphone of Chirp-connected keyboard,
or text-to-voice from the same?)

What if you wanted to use the PA system in a park,
stadium, function hall, EOC, field command post,
Field Day, Hamfest, etc. to deliver digitized info
to Smartphones (or other properly equipped devices
with a microphone) - without the hassle of Bluetooth
or Wifi linking?

Interesting possibilities ...

73, DavidC KD4E

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