[chirp_users] Retevis RT82

Gary V. Smith
Tue Aug 29 09:49:18 PDT 2017

<http:///>rtsystemsinc.com  They are looking into what products they 
might be able to offer the DMR community but it is in the 
investigative stage.  You're best bet for DMR support is a state 
support organization if your state has one.  Some states are doing a 
better job than others.  Other than that another good source is your 
local DMR community.

Gary - W6GVS
Dowagiac, MI

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>If Chirp does not support DMR such as Retevis RT82, do you know who 
>might.?  I tried RT Systems with no success. I cannot even find a 
>link to contact them.
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> > Looking for Chirp for Retevis RT82, however I am unable to locate. Has
> > any of worked through that or are you aware of similar radio chirp
> > that may work?
>To the best of my knowledge, CHIRP does not support any DMR radios.
>Jim KC9HI
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