[chirp_users] chirp_users Digest, Vol 104, Issue 8

Jim Unroe
Tue Aug 8 15:04:18 PDT 2017

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 5:42 PM, mike Heightchew <mikeheight at att.net> wrote:
> ok what is it with the bofang  radio the UV5
> i just put a icom TH7h and it picks the right com port
> but not on the bofang radios

The UV-5(R) uses a different programming cable. It most likely
manufactured with a counterfeit Prolific USB-to-Serial chip and the
installed device driver (assuming you are using Windows) is in
compatible with counterfeit chips (all Prolific device drivers since
about 2008 are). This is the #1 cause of problems, anyway.



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