[chirp_users] Importing / updating Error Icom 7100

Brian Dickman
Wed Aug 2 21:57:14 PDT 2017

Hi George,

It looks like this is a somewhat known issue. There are two similar
issues filed in the tracker:


The driver hasn't been touched since IC-7100 support was added, and it
definitely wasn't setup to handle offsets.

Perhaps have a go at fixing it yourself, if you are interested! It
should be a minor change.


If not feeling development inclined, at least file a ticket that
describes your specific symptoms or add to one of the existing ones,
and if you can include some memory dumps with some known offsets in
some of the saved channels, that would likely help.

Brian AF7MD

On Tue, Aug 1, 2017 at 12:53 PM, George M. Collins <george at kptv.us> wrote:
> Hi,
> My first few weeks of using CHIRP,
> What I am seeing is when I update from file it will change the offset on
> EXISTING saved frequencies/channels.
> For instance I have 146.345 with 1.035 as the dup offset minus. after an
> update from a backup file it will set everything to 5000/default, even saved
> channels.
> Am I doing something wrong? Do you need me to send samples?
> Old UNIX programmer, happy to help if I am not too outdated.
> George
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