[chirp_users] FT-7900R features

Jardy Dawson
Tue Aug 1 12:59:44 PDT 2017

Setting the hypermemories is easy enough without using software. That might be why they don't include that ability. It only takes a couple moments and buttons to set each on up how you want.

I know on the 8800s and 8900s, you can press and hold the P4 key on the mic, or press and hold the Low key on the Main side to toggle between frequency or name display.  Each channel is handled separately, and will stay on whatever setting you choose, until you change it.  I would be surprised if the 7800/7900 did not handle the same way.  Give it a try.  

Jardy Dawson
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On Aug 1, 2017, at 12:32, Russell Kinner <r.kinner at ieee.org> wrote:

I’m using Chirp to program my Baofeng unit and wanted to do the same for my FT-7900R but have run into 2 items that I haven't found to control some minor items in the Yaesu unit.  The basic frequency, tone and offset are just fine.
1.  I’ve previously used RT Systems to program my FT-7900R and that software has a Hyper Memory that can configure the 5 buttons around the display (labeled 1-5).  I can’t seem to find where to set that on Chirp.  Is that available?
2.  I cannot seem to set the display for each channel to frequency or Name.  Again, that is available in RT Systems and I am guessing it is also available on Chirp but where? 
What I have works for the basics and I am glad for that but learning the software does take a little time.  Possibly there is a tab I haven’t tried.
Rusty, WA8ZID
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