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Bruce LeGrande kb6lwn at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 12:57:56 PDT 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen,

⁣After much frustration, many failed attempts, and almost a year of trying, I finally got the LiveCD archive to download and burn to a USB thumb.

Imagine my joy when it actually booted, loaded, and ran the Live version, then miraculously brought Chirp up !!!   Wow !!!
I would finally be able to program all my radios and make them able to all communicate.
I could actually have the UV82s in the stands programmed the same and just grab a cloned radio on the way out and not have to deal with swapping batteries...

Unfortunately, the only radio that version of Chirp would read/write is the UV-5R, it reads the UV-82's but does not display the data screen - just stays blank, and it refuses to read the UV-5x3.

My install of Chirp on my Debian Squeeze OS, will read/write the UV-82 and 82L, but has firmware issues with the 82HP.

I have another install of Chirp on a TahrPup64 Thumb that will read/write the UV-82HP, but none of the others.

Perhaps if there was the latest version of Chirp (Ubuntu) in the Puppy Package Manager (PPM), I could install the latest and it might have all the modules in it ?

I DID notice a new selection in the menu about 'loading modules', did someone get Chirp set up to be module based on the firmware drivers and where can I find a collection of these modules for my various rigs ?

My inventory consists of:
1 - Baofeng UV-82
1 - Baofeng UV-82L
1 - Baofeng UV-82HP
1 - Baofeng UV-5R
1 - Baofeng UV-5x3
1 - Baofeng UV-50x3  (mobile)
1 - Leixen VV-898S  (RV Base)
1 - Yaesu  VX-8DR
      (no cable for Yaesu yet)

Is there *ONE* version of chirp that is able to program ALL of these without OS gymnastics ?  Loading/unloading modules while running would be acceptable, if Chirp only has hooks set up for one at a time...
But it would be nice to have them all (for the above radios) loaded at one time without having to reload Chirp, so I can copy-n-paste data from one radio to the other - if necessary...

Also, there is no keyboard selection on the LiveCD that is compatible with my ACER AspireOne Netbook, but works with my HP-USB Wireless using the Generic-108 Key driver.
And even if there was, the LiveCD (even if logged in as "chirp" user)  refuses to REMEMBER the keyboard setting but always reverts to the default after boot.

I tried to update to a newer version of Chirp on the LiveCD using the 'updater' kindly provided on the desktop, thinking I might be able to increase the radio-firmware driver list, but even though the browser sees and works with an internet connection, ChirpUpdater is blind to the net and reports 'No Internet Connection'...

I have not tried copying that updater script over to one of the other OS's where Chirp exists, and see if it will work there.
Is there a location online where this 'script' is available for downloading ?    I know its a simple script, so even a text block on a webpage would work for me...


I should have known it was too good to be true...  

73 - Bruce

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