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Dang, thought I had it figured out. Search and Rescue in my area doesn't use any ham frequencies, just frequencies between 136-174mhz. I have 128 channels in my kenwood tk-2170 that includes a 5 county area. I'm probably looking at months to figure it out. The kenwood shows None in the QT/DQT Dec, so I don't know if I should leave the Tone to the default of 88.5. Tedious typing as I only have 17 of the 128 keyed so far and looks like I'll have to change some when I figure what might work. 

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> Ok. So that means all my channels need to be TSQL if I am to be able to 
> transmit and receive, if that's the only one where you can TX and RX. 
> Unhiding the fields allowed me to see it was putting info in Tone and 
> ToneSql even though hidden the Tone showed blank. 
> thx, 
> -jm 

Not exactly. TSQL is used to TX with a particular CTCSS tone and to RX 
with the same CTCSS tone. You never need to have a tone to RX so you 
can receive just fine using setting Tone Mode to Tone and setting the 
Tone column to the desired CTCSS tone. If you program a RX tone and 
the other station does not transmit the matching (on none at all as in 
the case for many ham repeaters), you will never hear anything. None 
always works. 

Jim KC9HI 
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