[chirp_users] Legal Frequencies?

Jim MacKenzie jim at photojim.ca
Thu Sep 8 16:00:14 PDT 2016

If you have long enough line of sight (e.g. a high hilltop) and nothing in
between you and the other station, you can get pretty far with those radios,
but those conditions rarely exist in practical situations, except in the
case of repeaters, which of course aren't allowed with FRS in either Canada
or the US.




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This is true they can not have a detachable antena. I have not found a
single good FRS radio! They have much less range then the makers says it
will reach. Min range of maybe 100 yards line of site with nothing between
you and the other person. 

Get a Ham lic and enjoy real radio.


On 9/8/2016 5:02 PM, 700hpvette1 at cox.net <mailto:700hpvette1 at cox.net>

One thing I haven't seen mentioned with regards to legality, no FRS radio
can have a detachable antenna, so that rules out your model all by itself.

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