[chirp_users] Legal Frequencies?

Dave Zoller dzoller at reddevil.com
Thu Sep 8 13:29:28 PDT 2016

Thank you Steve, Bob & Tom, and to all others that read & reply.


I’ve tried to do the research, but there is so much that is intuitive to you all who have worked with radios so long that is confusing to me. 


If I understand you & Tom (and what I’ve read) correctly: IF the BF-888S were certified for FMS, the frequency I choose would be okay to use? But the FCC has no way of knowing the actual model of radio used? 

I guess that’s a moot point though, what’s right is right and what’s not…. it just isn’t.





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Dave, thanks for your concern about operating in the correct frequency band for your communications needs. 467 Mhz is OUTSIDE the Amateur Radio assigned UHF portion of the radio spectrum, so you're good there. I would suggest that you look up that particular frequency on a search engine and see what results  come back to you. But, I must warn you... The spectrum in America is highly regulated, and most likely, you are operating in a portion of the spectrum that is reserved for a particular radio service. Those who are licensed for their portion of the spectrum are highly protective and don't look kindly on interlopers. I can assure you that if somebody finds an UNLICENSED operator in the spectrum, they will turn the operator in to the FCC. The penalties can be very harsh.


If I were you, I would tread very carefully, as the spectrum is monitored closely by the FCC.  So, just because a radio is capable of transmitting on a particular frequency, it has no bearing on the fact that you could be breaking the law when you key the transmitter. It's sort of like a car that can do a hundred MPH. Just because it can operate at that speed, you wouldn't want to try to do that on a city street.


I trust this helps.


Best wishes,


Steve Wiggins




On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 3:03 PM, Dave Zoller <dzoller at reddevil.com> wrote:

I just got a set of Baofeng BF-888S radios from Amazon and Chirp works
like a dream for programming them. Unfortunately, I am a network
administrator and know very little about which frequencies are and are not
legal. We want the radios for short range comms in our manufacturing
facility, which is not that large. I've set channel 1 to use FRS-08,
467.5625 MHz, which I think is legal. I haven't heard anyone else using
it, but I'm in a fairly rural area so that doesn't surprise me. I also
have it set on the lowest transmit power, which adequately covers the area
I need covered.

I have some questions:
Is that a good/safe/legal frequency to use?
What would be some good alternative frequencies if I discover that another
group uses this one?
Will Chirp allow me to set all the channels to the same frequency so I can
prevent these guys from using an illegal frequency? Is it a good to do
that (or something like it)?
Any other advice?

Thanks in advance,

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