[chirp_users] The VHF low band is still in use

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Excuse me gentlemen, but I see your discussions have nothing to do with using CHIRP.  Wrong venue for these type conversations.
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  Actually, one of the main reasons for California’s use of low-band VHF is because a large portion of California is mountainous and higher frequencies simply require a lot more infrastructure in the way of repeaters to be able to cover the same areas with hills and valleys. This would result in much higher costs for reliable coverage.


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  With the open spaces, large patrol areas and such, vhf LO is probably the best band out there for them.


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  One of the largest police agencies, with thousands of radios, and covering one of the largest geographical areas, still uses VHF low band, and has absolutely no plans on moving, or changing.  That is the California Highway Patrol.  (CHP).  



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