[chirp_users] UV5R programming problems

Richard richard.cs at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 04:20:13 PDT 2016

I know this is a common problem but I have tried all the "usual" things
with no success. I am on my second programming cable after the first one
just didn't get recognised as a USB device, and first attempt I was able to
download the contents of my radio. Since then however it's not worked again.

The cable works OK and the drivers are loaded, as confirmed by opening a
serial terminal, linking the TX and RX pins and observing loopback. The
radio goes into TX when powered on with the cable attached and some vicious
connector trimming doesn't help - I am sure it is going all the way in.
Following the order in the Chirp pop-up instructions (cable is already
connected to PC and correct serial port selected, radio off, connect cable,
radio on with volume right up, check no activity, click OK) doesn't help.
The radio goes into TX as soon as it's booted and after a few seconds I get
"Radio did not respond".

The radio does *not* go into TX if I have that port open in a serial
terminal when I turn the radio on, and presumably if Chirp opened the port
when the instructional message is displayed (before the radio is turned on)
but still waited for the user to click OK before trying to communicate all
would work?

I think that the one time it did work it might have been TX-ing and I just
got lucky that it didn't interfere with communications - I do remember some
interference on my monitor which I now know happens when the radio

Anyone got any good ideas? Given that the radio doesn't go into transmit
mode when the serial port is open I can't see how it can be bad cable /
poor connections.

This is on Linux Mate 1.12.1, with the current daily Chirp build. My user
is in the dialout group and has serial port access.

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