[chirp_users] BAOFENG UV-5R not writable by RT Systems

Rich Messeder rich.messeder at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 05:32:15 PDT 2016

I see your point, John, but disagree. This list is advertised as a list of thousands of experts. I showed up locally to help someone who asked for it, and brought along CHIRP on my laptop because I use it for my BAOFENG radios. I also use RT, but for other radios. And yet another for my Kenwood. Personal choices, all. The person I am helping doesn't have my level of tech, so he needs some support. Same goes for me, wrt BAOFENG.. I don't know what the "radio type" is, and I didn't see it in CHIRP. I posted here in the hopes that someone could shed light on the question.

I'll be following up on Fred's behalf with the radio vendor, RT Systems, and, now, here. All I want to do is help and educate, and I see this as a learning opportunity for me and for him.


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