[chirp_users] TYT-UV-8000DE

awake awake at 0324am.net
Wed Oct 12 05:17:37 PDT 2016


A while ago I purchased a TYT-8000E and I'm trying to figure out
whether there's a way how to make it work with chirp. It's quite
a decent Chinese model, sort of a better built Baofeng with 10W 
transmit power and an accordingly sized battery :)
I've seen there's a new model request #2837 for it, from about 
a year ago, but no activity on it.

Are there any other people on this list using this radio? If yes,
which SW are you using to program it? 

Also, if there's a developer willing to implement the support for
this radio, I could provide hardware on loan and/or help out with 


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