[chirp_users] We are looking for serial log of a QYT KT8900 radio with 220Mhz / QYT KT8900 radio with 220Mhz (KT8900R)

Stan k8ll.ham at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 18:37:03 PDT 2016


I don't have the QYT KT8900 radio with 220Mhz yet, but I'm planning on 
getting one soon. This may help you a little, from my research the QYT 
KT8900 radio with 220Mhz is model QYT KT8900_R_ (note the "R" on the 
end). Also the Zastone MP-320 appears to be the exact same radio. These 
claim that they have a range of 240-260MHz, therefore they do NOT cover 
the US band of 222-225MHz.

I have found this, too, but haven't tried it yet:
"Changing the 'PASSWORD' on these is supposed to change the range of the 
associated band coverage. I have been told to 'hold F and power on, get 
PASSWORD' and then you could use this to change the 'PASSWORD' which 
supposedly _actually changes the Rx/Tx range_."
So that procedure could be used to change the "222MHz" range from 
240-260 to 222-225MHz, /_*IF* it actually works that way!_//_
_/The filters in the QYT KT8900R may not be able to cover 222 though, 
they may be designed to just cover 240-260.
Again, I have not tried this, I just found it on the internet.

I have the BTECH MINI UV-2501+220 (haven't tried it yet) and it appears 
to be the same thing also, except it comes already set up for 210-230MHz 
instead of 240-260. Maybe the filters are tuned a little differently?? 
Maybe something else is different also??

HTH!   73
Stan K8LL
NW Ohio
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