[chirp_users] help: Pofung BF-F9 work with CHIRP or not ?

IW2GJV y_61 at libero.it
Sat Mar 26 12:44:49 PDT 2016

POFUNG - Baofeng  BF-F9 + TP  is the same radio like a UV-5R ?

a friend have buy this new radio,  the old UV-5R work well with  CHIRP, but now is arrived to him this new  Pofung BF-F9  and  CHIRP program say:

ERROR : the radio did not reponde !

(repeat : with the old UV-5R not problem with chirp ! )

the verison of this BF-F9 is BFP3.25

what is the problem ?  and the connection he used the today version of chirp and selected in the menu the radio " UV-5R"  ....but not connction when he start the
DOWLOAD from radio !  why ?  have a solution to this problem ...

or CHIRP not support this Pofung BF-F9 ? 

 help him please 73
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