[chirp_users] How to save/upload after sorting the CHIRP rows?

Fred Maxwell _chirp at mail2fm.com
Wed Mar 23 10:06:42 PDT 2016

> On Mar 23, 2016, at 11:28 AM, Jim Unroe <rock.unroe at gmail.com> wrote:
> You can't upload a CSV into a Baofeng radio and you proved it below.

You’re arguing against a claim I never made. I wrote that you could "load two copies of a new CSV file that’s never been used to program a radio” and do the sorting/cutting/pasting operations on those files. I did not claim that you could upload the sorted results without first pasting to a radio-specific image file (since I know very well how CHIRP works).  

My method results in a CSV file that I can use to sync the ‘channels’ (memory locations) in all of my radios, whether BaoFeng, Kenwood, or Yaesu.  I don’t lose any columns of data, including the comment column that I have populated with the repeater’s distance from my home, direction, and specific location (bldg., city, etc.).  

It’s a difference in philosophy.  I’m creating a master file (Generic CSV format) to program three different makes/models of radios I now own as well as others that I may buy in the future.  So I don’t want to strip out entire columns of data simply because one model of BaoFeng handheld I own today doesn’t use them.  

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