[chirp_users] How to save/upload after sorting the CHIRP rows?

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Wed Mar 23 08:35:02 PDT 2016

>> Sorry, but I have to disagree.
> You can't upload a CSV into a Baofeng radio and you proved it below.

Yeah, I can say, without a doubt, that you cannot upload a CSV file into
a radio directly (any radio). BUT, see below:

>> I just went to the RepeaterBook website and did a query (all 2m repeaters in
>> VA), exporting the results to a CHIRP CSV file.
>> I started CHIRP.
>> I opened the CSV file twice (two tabs).
>> I sorted by Name in one of the tabs.
>> I copied and pasted the sorted one to the other.  Sorting stuck (thanks to
>> your tip).
>> I saved that file.
>> I then brought up my BaoFeng image file and pasted from the CSV into that.
> Right here ^^^^. You brought up a Faofeng image because you cannot
> directly program a Baofeng with a CSV file. You must have a compatible
> image loaded in CHIRP and then import the CSV into it. Then you can
> upload the image into your radio. And that is what I said.

I think this is just a matter of terminology.

  Jim is correct: you cannot upload a CSV file into a radio.

  Fred is correct: you can get the contents of a CSV file into a radio.

At the low level, you're always pulling images from the radio and
pushing images back in. CHIRP won't do the merge for you live, you have
to ask it to push an image. That's what Fred's last step is doing, but
he's merging the CSV contents in with his paste before he uploads an
image (not a CSV file) into the radio.


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