[chirp_users] How to save/upload after sorting the CHIRP rows?

Fred Maxwell _chirp at mail2fm.com
Wed Mar 23 06:52:15 PDT 2016

> On Mar 23, 2016, at 9:09 AM, Jim Unroe <rock.unroe at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Download from the radio (or load a saved image file) twice.
>> Or load two copies of a new CSV file that’s never been used to program a radio, I assume.
> No. You can't program a Baofeng radios with a CSV. You have to
> Download from the radio (or load a saved image file) twice. And then
> import the CSV twice.

Sorry, but I have to disagree.  

I work on CSV files that I paste into blank image files I keep for my two UV-82HP handhelds and my Yaesu FT-2900R mobile.  My Kenwood TM-281A mobile only operates in “Live mode” so I just paste to that tab when operating in live mode.  That allows me to easily keep the radios in sync such that, for example, memory 35 is the same repeater on all of them.

Just to verify in my own mind that I was not having a “senior moment,” I did a test.
I just went to the RepeaterBook website and did a query (all 2m repeaters in VA), exporting the results to a CHIRP CSV file.
I started CHIRP.
I opened the CSV file twice (two tabs).
I sorted by Name in one of the tabs.
I copied and pasted the sorted one to the other.  Sorting stuck (thanks to your tip).
I saved that file.
I then brought up my BaoFeng image file and pasted from the CSV into that.  Worked great.
Now I have a CSV file I can copy from and paste into each of my radios, either through the image feature or through live mode.  Had I operated on the BaoFeng image and tried to paste that to my Kenwood or Yaesu, I’d have lost all of the comments that I retained by working with the CSV files.


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